Java J2EE Interview Questions

51.What is serialization ?
Ans ) Process of persisting an object.

52.What is difference RMI registry and OSAgent ?

53.To a server method, the client wants to send a value 20,
with this value exceeds to 20, a message should be sent to the client ? What will you do for achieving for this ?

54 What are the benefits of Swing over AWT ?
55 Where the CardLayout is used ?
56 What is the Layout for ToolBar ?
57 What is the difference between Grid and GridbagLayout ?
58 How will you add panel to a Frame ?
59 What is the corresponding Layout for Card in Swing ?
60 What is light weight component ?
63 What is Servlet API used for conneting database ?
64 What is bean ? Where it can be used ?
65 What is difference in between Java Class and Bean ?
66 Can we send object using Sockets ?
67 What is the RMI and Socket ?
68 How to communicate 2 threads each other ?
72 What is the functionality stubs and skeletons ?
74 Diff between Application and Applet ?
75 What is serializable Interface ?
76 What is the difference between CGI and Servlet ?
77 What is the use of Interface ?
78 Why Java is not fully objective oriented ?
79 Why does not support multiple Inheritance ?
80 What it the root class for all Java classes ?
81 What is polymorphism ?
82 Suppose If we have variable 'I' in run method, If I can create one or more thread each thread will occupy a separate copy or same variable will be shared ?
83 In servlets, we are having a web page that is invoking servlets username and password ? which is cheks in the database ? Suppose the second page also If we want to
verify the same information whethe it will connect to the database or it will be used previous information?

90 What are session variable in Servlets ?
91 What is client server computing ?
93 Why we use OOPS concepts? What is its advantage ?
94 What is the middleware ? What is the functionality of Webserver ?
95 Why Java is not 100 % pure OOPS ?
96 When we will use an Interface and Abstract class ?
97 What is an RMI?
98 How will you pass parameters in RMI ? Why u serialize?
100 What is the main functionality of the Remote Reference Layer ?