XML Interview Questions

What is the difference between HTML and XML?
Was XML used in your project? If Yes, why it was decided to use XML ? In shortly, need to know the problem statement and why it was thought to use XML (Merits of XML)?
What XML parser was used in the project ?
Name the XML parser used in the project? and Why ?
Types of Parsers? DOM and SAX ?
When would you decide using a DOM parser or SAX parser?
Can you explain steps encountered in parsing an XML?
Can we validate an XML document?
Differentiate between a document, node and element?
What do you understand by DTD?
What do you understand by Schema?
Given an option how would you go about deciding whether to use DTD or Schema?
Advantages of Schema over DTD ?
What is SOAP?
Do you understand the concept of XSLT?
What is namespace?
What do you understand by JAXP?
What is JDOM?
What do you understand by XPATH?
How do convert an XML into PDF or Excel file?